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I recently added an about the author page at the top if you want to check that out, although its still pretty short and I’m trying to think of what to add to make it better, any suggestions, let me know.

Today’s post is about my real life adventures at the annual 2d platformer convention. For some reason the places they hold these conventions in are full of spike pits and other deadly traps. At one point we got lost and didn’t know which way to go. So John, our map guy had to tell us where to go.

Uncertain which way to go

Unfortunately, no sooner had our map guy told us the directions than an argument broke out, about which way to go.

100 gold coins to use the bathroom?! Toilet paper costs extra!?

At this point we split up. Me and the little guy went to the food court, and the other two went to the lecture. Only now I had no map guy with me. These conventions are the most dangerous in the world. You may notice a few dead or dieing in the spike pits. Its a good thing the law was suspended for the duration of the convention or these guys would be in a lot of trouble.

Talking about time at a convention can’t possibly be very interesting but if anyone is interested in reading more of our real life adventures, I might do some more of these.