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Posted: August 30, 2011 in culture
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Well I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and it will take forever to get my 3 viewers back, but just in case anyone stumbles in, I’ll link these songs I recorded. Maybe I’ll have some video game related posts soon, but I just don’t feel like writing lately. These songs are me playing guitar.


  1. GiantRaven says:

    First off, past all the noise, your clean guitar tone sounds really nice. You clearly have some good ideas behind what you’re trying to do as well, such as the arpeggio lick at the beginning of ‘song2’.

    Unfortunately, your two different guitar lines sound very out of time with one another. Did you use a metronome whilst recording?

    Obviously, sound quality is an issue, which hampers the overall feel of your music. What are using to record? I can give you some cost effective ways of recording guitar if you would like.

  2. maxff says:

    No I didn’t use a metronome, but I probably should,I guess. Should be no problem to get one of those.

    For recording I use my laptop’s built in mic, which could be one of the worst things to use.

  3. GiantRaven says:

    Yeah, a laptop microphone is pretty much the worst thing you could use, short of plugging your guitar direct into your laptop/computer.

    I’d recommend buying a Line 6 UX1. It plugs into your laptop via USB and you run your guitar through it. It comes with a bunch of amp modelling software which works really well and a basic version of Ableton, which is a pretty good program for working with music in (it has a metronome as well and what not).

    It’s not hugely cheap to buy but it’s probably the most cost effective way of getting a more professional sound.

  4. Curtis says:

    Hey man didn’t know u could play sounds pretty good u should jam with josh if u ever get the time he’s getting pretty good also

    • maxff says:

      Hmm, since I moved closer to Conestoga college its even more of a hassle to get to his house than it was before, and I lost his number so I can’t contact him. Can you get in contact with Josh, maybe send him a link to this blog, or get an email address or some way to talk to him.

      • Curtis says:

        well ill send you an email with some contact info josh is at Sheridan in Oakville now so it will be hard to meet up with him

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