Prototype 11

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is only a bit more than the last one. Still have to add in some visuals so its obvious the boss will be taking damage, which should be in the next version, you’ll just have to trust me that when your bullets hit the boss it does damage. I’ll have that added soon enough.

new things in this, is a new boss that may be too difficult, but seems easy enough to me, and a couple new rooms. Not really a whole lot different. Next time should be the final boss, and the end of the game, after which all will be left is some bug fixes, and balancing the difficulty. I’m hoping to wrap this game up soon. It’s not much but everyone has to start somewhere.

When you click the link you’ll see two files Prototype 11 and Prototype 11(2). The one with the two is the one you want, the other one was an accident and I can’t seem to figure out how to take files down, after uploading them. They are almost the same except the one without the 2 starts you with 100 gold instead of zero, and a few variables are set to true, letting you skip a few parts of the game.

Here it is.

Let me know of any concerns, especially when it comes to bugs and balancing difficulty.



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