Game Prototype 10

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Games

Took a few days to get this one done, and only a few new rooms. Spent most of the time trying to fix the problems that were mentioned, and managed to fix some of those but not all.

When the boss outside the castle is triggered, if you are standing in the doorway, it will physically move you, so you don’t get stuck in the temporary barrier that goes up. I also got complaints that that boss was too difficult so I tried slowing him down a bit, to see if it’s easier for him to be hit/avoided, but if that’s still a problem I’ll try changing it some more.

The most notable change this time is a new boss, which I think is far too easy, but I know exactly what to do. I tried doing it the wrong way, and the situation becomes unmanageable pretty quickly. You’ll have to let me know how tough this new boss is, as well as any other difficulty problems. There’s only a few new rooms that weren’t in the last version, so its not a big change.

Almost for got to put in the link. Would’ve been real hard to test it without a link to it.

  1. J-P says:

    The new display is great!
    The boss that moves around wildly is killable for me now. The final boss is kinda hard but it only took me two tries. I don’t know if there’s some kind of trick but I fired a lot of the penetrator shots at the middle star thingy.Maybe you should make a limit on the amount of ammo for the powerful guns.
    It would be cool if you could tell when the bosses are being injured because since they dont always die with one shot its hard to tell if the penetrator is actually hurting them.
    One thing that seems off is after you kill the last boss the room right before still spawns red spiders. The way the game played I thought that the red spiders were coming out of that boss room. Now that I think more about it, those red spiders are the same as the black ones in other rooms.

    • maxff says:

      The final boss took two tries, seems pretty good. It should be hard enough so that people don’t beat it on the first try, but not so hard, it takes dozens of tries. The way I usually beat it in testing is to attack the smaller stars first, since they make red spiders pretty quickly. Eventually the big star will bring them back, but it takes awhile, and then I just kill them again, and go back to attacking the big star until it is dead. I guess I didn’t realize how overpowered the penatrator really is, and the big star can be dealt with pretty quickly. Putting a limit on ammo seems like a good idea, but that will change the difficulty of the boss. I guess we’ll just have to keep testing until I get it right.

      Being able to tell when the bosses are injured would be good. A health bar seems a bit difficult. The shield bar that your character has uses a built in feature of GameMaker that only works with the built in variable health. (Actually the shield is governed by health, health is governed by lives, and gold is actually score. I just used these built in variables for my own purpose cause it made things simpler.) I don’t think there’s an easy way to draw a health bar other than using that specific variable. I could let people know the boss is being damaged in other ways. Especially using sound effects, which I really need to add to the game at some point. Anyway, I realize this is a problem, but I probably won’t address it immediately.

      Yes the red spiders are supposed to be coming out of that room. I just overlooked it. Turning off that spawn point after the boss is killed is trivial, and will be taken care of.

      the red spiders are not exactly the same as black ones. the peashooter kills black spiders in two hits, kill red ones in 3. The health difference is so small, that its probably hard to tell, so maybe I should make the red spiders stronger, so the difference is more noticeable. In terms of behavior they are pretty much the same.

  2. J-P says:

    You could do something like this (skip to 4:40 to see the boss battle)

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