If you’re new to my game prototypes just use WASD or arrow keys to move to the sign that says help for instructions on how to play. People who have played before may want to check out the instructions as well, cause a few new things have been added. Most notable change is that the I button toggles invincible mode which makes it easier to skip stuff you’ve played in one of my previous prototypes. Honor system, only use it to skip something you’ve already beaten.

Here it is.

Make sure to mention any bugs, or difficulties in the game, so I can address them.

And you might be wondering why it skips from prototype 7 to prototype 9. Wormholes have something to do with it.

  1. Played it. Loved it. Just sucked at it. Until I was invincible…. nope still suck at this game.

  2. J-P says:

    in the “The Resistance” room: guy in the top of the room cant be killed (lol)
    One of the towers in the room right before that that is never active.

    First I got owned by the boss outside Salamar castle, then I retried it and I stood right by the door while I clicked on him. Doing this gets you stuck in the doorway (I couldn’t move at all. Fortunately, this also meant that the boss couldn’t hit me. I just fired the peashooter across the room until he got hit enough times to die. (I still don’t know the proper way to kill him)

    In some rooms its hard to see the status bar like in the checkered floor rooms. It was also hard to see sara in the last room.
    Also, I was able to play through without being invincible so I’d say its at a good difficulty but I didn’t really beat the second boss.

    • maxff says:

      Talking to that guy in the resistance place is necessary to continue the game, so making him killable could make the game unwinnable, if somebody kill him before taking to him. It’s pretty inconsistent to make one guy invincible but it seems necessary, and fixing the other things you mention seems more important right now.

      I also noticed some strange behavior the towers, and that room used to have more towers, but I removed them cause they would sometimes not fire. Still have no clue what causing it.

      Finally a problem I should be able to fix. If you are inside another object every movement will detect a collision, so it makes it impossible to move. However doing a check before the temporary barrier is created and just moving your character if he is standing in the door way should solve it.

      As for beating the boss, since you were able to kill him while stuck in the doorway it proves he can be killed if he takes enough damage. is he just moving too fast to hit, has too much health? I can try making him slower or giving him less health next time.

      And this should be easily solvable. I just need a proper HUD, that’s underneath the level, instead of on top of it. And for Sara, changing her color, or giving a dark outline should solve the problem.


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