Another day, another game prototype. If your new to this use WASD or arrows o move the guy to the help sign for more detailed instructions. After that start a new game. In the first room there are a lot of people to click on to talk to. Go south to fight spiders, and south even further for a boss fight. this fight is pretty intense. After a bit of practice I beat it with just the peashooter and no firing speed upgrade, but you probably won’t want to do that.

You can buy scattershot and ammo for it at the guy by the shop sign. Going west from the room with all the shops and people is a puzzle room with three locked doors you can figure out how to unlock. The left door still goes nowhere, but should go somewhere in the next update. Go south from puzzle room to find firing speed upgrade. Go north and solve another puzzle, than head west.

Don’t shoot, those are friendly robots. Also talk to the guy in that room, and he will tell you to gather three items, only one of which is in this prototype, the rest are coming soon. After you’ve got the firing speed upgrade, and bought a lot of scattershot ammo head on down to the boss I mentioned earlier, and kill him. And that’s all that’s in this prototype.

Here it is.

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