Prototype 4

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Games
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My rapid prototyping is going along quite nicely. The change that took the longest was to add a new weapon type. The weapon that was available in previous prototypes will henceforth be called peashooter, it simply fired a single bullet in a straight line. The new weapon, scattershot, fires several, slightly weaker bullets, and due to its spread of fire and can easily hit multiple enemies at once.

It was actually pretty easy to add a new weapon type, but during the testing it seemed scattershot was not killing anyone, although occasionally it would and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. SO previously peashooter did one damage, and when an enemy reaches zero health they die(health and damage have since been scaled up so scattershot can do less damage per bullet). So the problem is if you take away too much health and make it negative, it won’t kill the enemy. It was checking for health to be exactly zero, what I really needed was to check when its less than one, so if they take more than one damage at a time  and goes below zero it will still kill them.

If your new to my prototypes the first thing to do when you start is to use WASD or arrows to move to the sign that says help, and read the detailed instructions. After that start a new game and head down south to fight spiders or go left to solve a puzzle.

What’s new in this version: The shopkeeper who used to sell firing speed upgrades now sells the scattershot and you can use the number 2 to switch to it, and 1 to switch back to peashooter. After he sells you the scattershot he sells ammo for it.

From the first puzzle room there are 3 locked doors. The left one goes nowhere, yet. Going south from the puzzle room leads to a maze with a firing speed upgrade in the middle. Going north from the first puzzle room, leads to another puzzle room that’s still pretty easy, but it lets people get familiar with the type of puzzles that will be used in the game. The locked door in that room goes nowhere.

Here it is

As always leave any comments, criticism, bug reports, etc.


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