Game Prototype 3

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Games
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Not a whole lot different than the last prototype I uploaded, but I thought I’d upload it anyway in case anyone is interested. I’ll just briefly explain what’s old and what’s new.

What’s old: If you haven’t played the last prototype, than the first thing you want to do after starting the game is to move your guy to the sign marked help using WASD or arrow keys. After you get help go on over to the new game sign. Trying to load a game when no save file exists could lead to trouble. The game Autosaves every time you enter a new room.

If you’ve played the last prototype, you will notice that in addition to a shopkeeper who sells rate of fire upgrades, which was there last time, there is also a healer, who will completely restore your health and shield for a small fee. At this point you have no money for upgrades, so go to the gap in the wall on the bottom of the screen.

You will find yourself in a room with a bunch of spiders that can be killed for money. If you played the last prototype I uploaded there’s nothing new here.

What’s new: From the room with with the shops, go to the gap in the left wall to see the brand new room I made for this prototype. In that room you will see I finally made a second enemy which is quite a bit tougher than the spiders. I wonder if its too difficult, and I haven’t really gotten around to balancing the difficulty, but for myself it only took a couple tries to beat the robots.

Once your life is no longer being threatened, you will see green or red circles that you can switch by running into them. See if you can unlock any of the three locked doors in the room. The doors don’t go anywhere yet, that’s on the to do list, but still try and solve how to unlock the doors. I think its a simple enough puzzle to put at the beginning of the game, but its hard to judge since I already know the answer.

Here it is.

Any feedback or bug reports are appreciated.

  1. JPH says:

    Solving the puzzles didn’t take too long for me. And the enemies in the puzzle room weren’t very hard once I upgraded my firing speed for the first time.

    Obviously insubstantial at this point, but it’s cool that you’re making a game at all. I got Game Maker but I’ve been too lazy to figure out how to do stuff with it.

    • maxff says:

      Firing speed upgrade is a game changer. I’m thinking of changing the shop to sell a second weapon type as well as ammo, and make firing speed upgrade something to find. When I get more rooms, hidden collectibles can be fun to find.

      And since this is roughly equivalent to the beginning of the game, the combat and puzzles should be pretty easy so i guess everything’s okay as it is, but I may need to balance the difficulty a bit.

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