Logic Gate Puzzle

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Games
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So I was trying to think of some way to make my game more interesting. Aside from more enemies, rooms, and upgrades, which are all in the works, I also thought a few puzzles might be pretty interesting change of pace from time to time. A big problem is going to be people who don’t like puzzles will dislike the game even if they were enjoying the combat, because of the puzzles, so I’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.

So my first question was what sort of puzzle to do. My first thought was some pushable blocks that have to be moved around to clear a path, but those are actually pretty common. My next idea, which I thought was pretty original, was to make a puzzle using logic gates to open locked doors. A quick Google search reveals that the idea is not as original as I thought, but still pretty uncommon so I’ll go with it.

So what exactly are logic gates, and how will I make a puzzle out of them? I don’t want to explain all the different types of logic gates yet, so I’ll jsut explain the three I’ll use in the first puzzle, AND gate, OR gate, XOR gate. Lets say each of these gates has two inputs called A and B, and an output called C. In the game the inputs and outputs will either be a red light or a green light.

So first the AND gate. If both A and B are green lights, than C will also be a green light. If only one is green or both are red, then C will also be red. Or gate probably works how you expect, if A or B or both are green the output is green, but if both are red the output is red. Now XOR is a cool word, and it basically means exclusive or. If one, and only one, of the inputs is green, the output is green. If A and B are the same, the output is red.

So how exactly is this going to be a puzzle? There will be a door with a pattern of red and green lights. To open the door you must get the outputs to match the pattern on the door. So based on the inputs you must choose the right logic gates to get the desired outputs. Multiple doors can be associated with one puzzle but require different patterns of red and green lights.

Hopefully that makes sense, and I explained it well. Not sure if the next game prototype will have a working puzzle but it should be soon, so hopefully people can try it out and comment on it. And of course there are more types of logic gates than the ones mentioned, but I haven’t put them in the game yet, so no point in talking about them  yet.


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