What the hell I’m doing: If anyone’s interested

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Games
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So, I don’t really have a lot to say about video games today, or yesterday for that matter. I’ve recently downloaded GameMaker 8.1, a very powerful game development kit. I’ve done a bit of programming, being in college for software engineering, but programming a game from scratch is a pretty daunting task. Maybe if I wanted to make pong or asteroids, it probably wouldn’t be such a difficult task, but this makes game development a lot easier.

Programming a game entirely from scratch, in C++ or Java or whatever, gives you more freedom and control, but using GameMaker makes many things a lot easier, such as drawing sprites on the screen, and collision detection. At the same time many things I’ve come to expect from a programming language are in GameMaker. You can make variables to store data, you can change the variables if a specific thing happens, you can test variables if the are less than/equal to/greater than a number and if so do some specific actions. You can run loops to repeat actions until a condition is reached.

One major downside is graphics and sound. I decided to make the sprites myself. Big, big mistake. All I can say is this game is going to be incredibly ugly. And I still have no idea where to get sounds from, but I guess there will be some on the internet that are free for anyone to use. Don’t expect this game to look or sound good.

Gameplay so far involves walking around and shooting a projectile. Using WASD and arrow keys to move around. There is a slight difference between the two, using WASD will change the direction the player is facing, so they can shoot in different directions, the arrow keys keep the direction the same when you move so its easy to dodge and shoot at an enemy in a specific direction.

There is no run key, running is emergent. What I mean to say is that if you press two keys that make you move the same direction, for example  W and up arrow, you will move twice as fast. Not really something I intended, and may remove that “feature”, but its not a huge priority right now.

Next up is to get some enemies and some level design, and many more horrible sprites. Maybe somebody will be  interested in testing this out when I get a bit more of the game made?


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