Maxtreme Team: Part 3

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Maxtreme Team
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Well, this is what I do if I can’t think of any video game related posts to make, I try to get some more practice writing my story. If you want to read this story from the beginning start here. Maybe not the best story, but people have said it is somewhat interesting. Maybe with a bit of practice I’ll be able to write a good story. I actually far too biased to say how good the story really is, so anyone who’s read all the parts so far can comment on it.


Once again Racer was doing the work he hated, running around town running various errands for the Party. One day it might be to go pick up a pizza, or to pick up Dictatorman’s dry cleaning, or to get Phil’s cat out of a tree. Today he had to go see Matt, and eccentric inventor, who created one useful invention, and spent the next few years churning out useless crap. Now he periodically calls up party headquarters to say how his latest inventions will cause a huge breakthrough. And as usual it was up to Racer to shovel through shit, and find any useful inventions.

Misery loves company, and Racer managed to convince his friend Bruce to come with him. They were now standing in the middle of nice residential section of the city, with rows of identical houses. Standing out from the surrounding buildings was Matt’s custom built “lair”. It was a large stone tower the dwarfed all of the surrounding buildings.

“You know,” Bruce said, “I’ve never noticed how much Matt’s lair clashes with the rest of the neighborhood. We really need better zoning laws to deal with eye sores like this.”

“We’ll have to bring that up at the next party meeting,” Racer responded, “for now, lets just get this over with.”

Racer and Bruce walked up to the door. The two guards instantly recognized them and stood aside for them to enter. Matt’s lair was dimly lit, and there were tables covered with strange devices as far as the eye could see. Matt himself was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m so glad you are finally here,” said a voice that Racer recognized as Matt, but he wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from.

“Alright Matt,” Racer shouted, “we don’t have time for games. Why don’t you come out of your hiding place, and show us your inventions.”

“Go straight ahead into the next room. On the table you will see several weapons that will be of great use to your war effort.”

“We’re not doing this,” Bruce shouted, “either you show yourself, or I’ll overturn every table in this place and then leave. If you want to show us something, come out of your hiding place.”

“Here I am,” said Matt stepping out of a dark corner of the room, “Follow me into the next room and I will show you, what I’ve created.”

They found the next room to actually have some decent lighting, such that they could actually take a good look at the strange weapons on the table. Matt picked one up off the table and began explaining its usefulness.

“This is a little thing I’d like to call a Anti Personnel Flamespewer, or APF. It shoots a jet of burning fuel up to 30 feet. Length of flame is adjustable for use in different circumstances. Unlike earlier models this one can be carried by a single person, though the weight will slightly slow down a person using it.”

“What is this shit?” Racer exclaimed, “This thing must weigh a ton. Any idiot using one of these will be gunned down by rifles, machine guns, and any other weapon a modern army uses. Range 30 feet, that’s pitiful. I know close quarters combat still happens in modern battlefields, but a bayonet doesn’t halve a persons movement speed.”

“I think that fuel tank will make a very good target for our enemies,” Bruce said, “I’m no expert, but I do have a PhD in Explosive Chemistry, and I’m pretty sure if someone shoots the tank it will explode.”

“I’m sorry Matt,” Racer concluded, “this is a very interesting weapon, but as it is now, it is completely useless to us. Keep working on it, and we might use them in the future.”

“Well,” Matt said, trying to mask the disappointment in his voice, “I do have other inventions. take this for example,” and he held up another weapon.

Racer and Bruce just stood there in stunned silence for awhile until Racer finally managed to find the words, “Matt, that’s a fucking crossbow. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, you moron.”

“Allow me to explain,” Matt said calmly, “This is an improvement on traditional crossbow designs. It is incredibly accurate, and almost completely silent, certainly quieter than any gun. It even has the most advanced scope ever built for more accurate long range shots. Its the perfect stealth weapon. And the best part is that it has a mechanical computer, its internal mechanisms measure things like wind speed, distance, etc and performs calculations then adjusts the scope to help the shooter make the shot taking into account all the relevant factors.”

“Sounds interesting in theory,” racer said, “but the firing speed is unacceptable. Why don’t you stop being a moron, and put these useful mechanisms in a rifle instead of a crossbow, and then we’ll talk.”

“I see,” said Matt sadly, he was quite depressed that a second of his inventions was rejected, “well I do have one other weapon. It’s nothing too special, its just a slightly modified version of the standard rifle that our troops are using. As you can see, the stock of the rifle has built into it a compass, a can opener, and a lighter.”

“I’m not sure its really necessary,” Racer began, “but it could be useful to have an all in one tool, so I’ll approve it for mass production. It seems you have nothing else on the table, so I assume that’s all you have to show us.”

“That’s correct,” Matt replied, ” you may go now.”

“So,” Bruce said, “we came all the way out here and wasted all this time to see crap, and a slightly modified rifle. I feel like we just wasted a lot of time.”

“I’m sure the readers will feel the same way,” Matt replied.

“Readers?” Bruce asked, “what the hell are you talking about?”

“I was so sure that I had created some amazing weapons that I wrote an article about them that will be featured in a newspaper tomorrow. After hearing your reactions to them, I imagine the readers will feel the same way about my weapons.”

“So that’s what you meant by readers,” Racer replied, “Well we really must be going now. Next time only call us if you don’t have a pile of useless crap to show off.”

Racer and Bruce left a sorely disappointed Matt to sulk in the darkness. As they were leaving Bruce made a personal note to improve the zoning laws to tear down horrible eyesores like Matt’s Lair.

  1. Curtis says:

    The story is interesting it was a little slow at the prologue but it is picking up some times the story is a little hard to follow at some parts but for the most part its pretty good far better then i could do anyway keep it up

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