Maxtreme Team: Part 2

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Maxtreme Team
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If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the prologue and part 1 of the story, to understand what is going on. So far only Fang has shown any interest in the story, but maybe that will change over time. Speaking of Fang, something really weird is going on with the page views. There’s this thing that lets me see the number of views each page gets per day, but Fang has left comments on pages that it says nobody viewed that day. I don’t know if Fang is a ghost, wizard, or figment of my imagination, or the more bizarre theories that it simply had an error tracking page views or I’m remembering wrong. Whatever it is, its weird.


Racer and Bruce returned to the meeting with the pizzas. The party members were in the middle of an important discussion. Phil, who was in command of the Erion Defense Force was saying, “Alliance forces are moving into the outlying farmlands. We have almost no farmland within our city walls, if we lose control of the surrounding area, will not have enough food to last through the next winter. Our forces are putting up a valiant fight, but we are too heavily outnumbered by our enemies.”

“Hmm,” Dictatorman replied grabbing a slice of pizza from the box, “we have a disproportionate number of heroes fighting on our side, surely this will make up for their advantage in numbers.”

“I’m afraid not. In the past a few heroes on the battlefield could very well determine the outcome of the battle regardless of the number of regulars, but in this age of machine guns and artillery strikes, the affect of heroes on the battlefield is greatly diminished. That’s not to say it makes no difference, certainly the reason our soldiers are holding out as long as they have against the alliance is because of our heroes, but I’m afraid it just won’t be enough.”

“We have no other choice Phil, you have to use your ability.”

Every member of the Maxtreme Party was a hero, each with their own super power. Phil’s power was that he could make an exact duplicate of himself. He rarely did this, as the energy consumption of using this power made both of him really hungry after the duplication, and the total weirdness of having an exact copy usually resulted in the murder or suicide of one of the Phil’s.

“In theory I can duplicate myself hundreds or even thousands of times if I get enough food to eat, but in the time it will take to get a significant number of me to fight against the alliance, we can expect to have lost a significant amount of our farmland, if not the entirety of it outside our walls.”

“Well, many of our citizens are eating more food than they need to survive,” said the chief of civil order, more commonly called the Chief, “what if we took control of the production of all food, and rationed out a minimum necessary for survival to our citizens, and giving as much as possible to Phil so he can build an army of himself?”

“I like it Chief,” said Dictatorman, “but who can we put in charge of running such a department?”

“Well it was my idea. I think I can handle the additional responsibilities,” the Chief quickly replied.

“Racer, what’s your current position in the government?” Dictatorman asked to the disappointment of the Chief who knew he would not be getting additional powers any time soon.

“Errand boy,” Racer replied in disgust.

“That’s right, you’re my second in command, and yet it seems your role is mainly advisory, with very little control in the operation of the government. What you need is your own department to run. I’m officially making you head of the newly formed Department of War Materials Allocation. You will have full control of the production and distribution of food, medicine, weapons and any other goods that are important to the war. You have 48 hours to choose a team from among the party members, as well as hire any regulars you need, to run this department. Don’t worry about the legality, we’ll convince a couple opposition parties of the neccessity of it for fighting the war, and get it passed by the senate.”

“Wait a minute!” Bruce shouted, “we have opposition parties? Why does nobody tell me anything? And the Senate? That old thing is still around? I thought we got rid of that.”

“Of course not,” Dictatorman replied, “the senate is part of the Erion constitution. As the party with the most seats in the senate we can perform most of the government functions internally without consulting the senate. Something major like creating a new government department with extraordinary powers requires approval by majority of the senate. If we wanted to get rid of the senate and give ourselves full power, we need to change the constitution, which requires 75% approval by the senate. And we almost had it before the party split!”

Everyone in the room was stunned. It was rare to see Dictatorman show any emotion, especially an outburst of anger. Dictatorman continued as if nothing had happened, “Racer, there’s one other thing I need you to do. Matt called and said he is developing new weapons to be used in the war. Since I’m too busy to go myself, I need you to take a look at what he’s building, and if its good approve it for mass production.”

“Great,” said Racer, “I get to be the errand boy again.”

“Well, you are the fastest.”

  1. Curtis says:

    I don’t know if you care but I’ve noticed some grammar and spelling mistakes you probably don’t care though any way i like it so far its like reading a real book so good job so far

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