Maxtreme Team: Prologue

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Maxtreme Team
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I did say I was going to start on a story to hopefully make this blog more interesting. If you are new to the blog but don’t find this story interesting, try reading some of the video game related posts before leaving. Just so everyone knows I will have a video game post, later today. Much, much later. This Prologue should give you some background on the the setting and stuff like that. The title might not make sense until farther in the story.


For generations heroes have protected people from evil. Brave men and women, gifted with amazing talents, who stand up for their fellow citizens, without seeking any reward. However fear and hatred of those who are different began to creep in and heroes began having their rights restricted. Those few city-states with more lenient treatment of heroes became magnets to attract them from around the world.

One such city, Erion, was a safe haven for heroes from around the world. Eventually the politicians of Erion began to fear heroes as well and reduce their rights, but the heroes were in greater numbers than in any previous city, formed their own political party, and prevented any unfair treatment against them.

In time, organized crime began to grow as it had in other cities, and the corrupt government began to take bribes to look the other way. Only the heroes ignored such bribery, and finally the people were fed up with the corruption of the other parties, and the heroes gained enough support to become the government of Erion.

The results were effective and immediate. Organized crime was all but eliminated, with only a few mobsters still at large and in hiding, and almost no activity by any of them. That was not all that happened. Heroes used their incredible political power to increase the powers of police to search, detain, and torture suspects on the slightest suspicion. Crime in general began to drop, to a record low.

However the affects of heroes taking power were not just internal but also affected other cities as well. Heroes being oppressed in other city states became more bold and spoke out against their unfair treatment and even fought the government.

Erion was one of the most powerful city-states in the region and its neighbors soon feared that it’s influence would lead to the rise of hero governments all throughout the region. Erion was denounced as an unjust dictatorship, and an alliance was formed to fight against it.

More bad news for Erion is that several weeks after the heroes became the government, party leader John Jenkins got sick and had to be hospitalized. Official reports didn’t say what he was sick with, we only know that he is under armed guard, and is allowed no visitors.

His replacement as party leader, the self titled Dictatorman, did not get support from the entire party, leading to schism in the hero party. The so called Traditional Hero Party, following the party leader Aerial Master, who want to limit police power and increase funding to education. The Maxtreme party led by Dictatorman, follows the political ramblings of some guy a hundred years ago, and mostly involves slowly turning the city into a police state, for their own protection.

Dictatorman, unfit to run a lemonade stand, let alone a country. His most impressive power is complete ignorance of what’s going on around him and yet still maintaining control of the government. He’s also unkillable, as several assassin’s have learned. Point blank gunshot to the head has no affect on him, but perhaps he has some weakness that has yet to be discovered.

Thankfully his total incompetence is somewhat mitigated by a hands off style of governance, letting other party members run most of the day to day operations of the government and only getting involved in the most important situations. Unfortunately a spirit of competition between various departments in the government often leads to them working against each other rather than working together.

The story begins one month into the rule of the heroes over Erion. The people are getting restless, the government is a complete mess, and alliance forces are marching to the walls of Erion. On the bright side, crime is still at an all time low.


Sorry for the info dump, but it was important to tell the background on the story. From now on there should be more action, and less info dumping. If anyone is the slightest bit interested in this story, please leave a comment.

  1. Fang says:

    Hm. Kind of interesting. I guess I’ll see how it turns out.

  2. Curtis says:

    when did u actually start writing this did you think of it before or after u left high school?

    • maxff says:

      I came up with the idea in high school, but it changed a lot, and right now I’m putting the story on hold, because I just can’t finish writing it at this time.

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