Phun Physics Phighting

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Game Review

Today my friend showed me this link to this game:

It looked so fun I had to try it myself. I did a Google search for Sumotori and soon found the site where I could download it and not wanting to spend any money so hastily I downloaded the demo(can it really be called a game review if its only a demo I played. Don’t care I’m putting it in game review category).

The first thing I noticed is that the main menu is a lot more fun than in other games. Menu options are selected by throwing blocks at wooden planks with different menu options written on them. Rather than go straight to playing the game I spent few minutes throwing blocks, trying to knock down planks in the background.

After that was over I started my first match against the Computer I walked over to him an knocked him over. Not really sure how I did it, my understanding of the controls in the game is limited at best. Somehow I manage to easily beat the AI without really understanding how to play the game. I wonder if the full version has more difficult AI than the demo.

After getting bored of walking over and knocking down the enemy I decided to drag out the confrontation a bit for fun, and it turns out the guy I control keeps falling down. Not sure how to keep him from falling down, maybe there is guide somewhere online on how to play this game properly.

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